Rules 2020

In this particular moment we all have the task of preserving and protecting our health and that of those close to us.

For this reason we believe it is more prudent to suspend the KidsGameJam until the emergency has passed or the situation will be clearer.

This will allow all teams to organize themselves with greater serenity. #TogetherWeWin

March 13th-15th,2020 - Kids Game Jam World Challenge

Kids Game Jam 2020 (by now KGJ) will held on March 13 (00:00) and 15 (23:59) (UTC Timezone + 2 Rome Time), in all the dojo and schools participating in the initiative.

1. The Kids Game Jam

The KGJ is an annual Challenge (Video game creation by Scratch) dedicated to children and teen from 7 to 17 years of age, taking place, in the first round, around the world at physical locations in the same time, and in Italy for the final round (in May-June 2020). The local locations will be decided by CoderDojo and Schools around the world, participants in the competition.
The Kids Game Jam starts with the announcement of the Topic on the site and on the social channels within the 23.59 on Tuesday, March 10th. The theme is the same for all participants who have up to 72 available Hours to develop a video game that originally interprets it.
Kids Game Jam is not just a challenge but a fun opportunity to work together to create beautiful games by freeing fantasy.

2. Registration

To organize the Jam at your CoderDojo, School, Association or other, you must sign up your event before March 13th, 2020 using the online platform available at this address:
On the same platform you will need to upload, before the end of the JAM, the video-games of each team with the pictures of the event.

3. Team Composition

Each team must have a minimum of 3 and maximum 5 kids (Teams that do not respect the composition rules will still be able to participate, but they will not be able to access to the final stage.)
You can register teams to the following categories:
SCRATCH 7-12 :
the game will be developed in scratch 2.0 or 3.0 by jammers between 7 and 12 years
SCRATCH 12-16:
the game will be developed in scratch 2.0 or 3.0 by jammers between 12 and 16 years
the game will be developed with any programming language by jammers between 7 and 17 years

4. Teams Enrollment

Each Dojo or school will be able to enroll more teams on the dedicated KGJ platform.
The Organizer must indicate the name of the team, the name (or nickname), the age of all participants and a picture(*) of the team.

(*) - Each registration must be completed by submitting the disclaimer signed by the parents of team members, otherwise the team will be excluded

5. game Features

Each team can participate with one game.
The Teams will have to follow the Topic indicated by the KGJ . It will be announced before Tuesdady, March 10, 2020 on the organizer email, (And through social facebook: @kidsgamejam twitter: @kidsgamejam ) so kids can start thinking and designing the game.

6. The Event

You can bring to the event a project only on paper, but the video game code will have to be composed entirely during the coding session.
It will be the responsibility of the person in charge to ensure that jam is properly carried out in accordance with the rules.
During the process, we will appreciate the story-telling of each team on social channels using the hashtags: # KGJ20 #togetherwewin and @kidsgamejam

7. Delivery

The game, though not completed, will have to be uploaded with .sb2 or .db3 extension on the dedicated platform by 23:59 (Rome time) on the last day of JAM
With the game you must be add a description document that explains the idea, the technical features and how to play it (game instructions). This document helps the judges to understand the game especially if it is still not completed.
the open category teams can upload any type of game with source, list of (free) tools used and relative instructions on how to compile them.

8. Jury and Judgments

The KGJ will have 2 juries:
A technical jury made up of Dojo Champions and Mentor with great and proved experience and A 9 Kids Jury : made up of boys between 7 and 16 years old. The technical jury will evaluate the work based on the developed features and the technical complexity. The Kids Jury will evaluate exciting and playable games . The judgment of both juries will be indisputable.

9. Prize

Within April Technical Jury will rank a list of all the games and the best ranked players in each category will get to the final.
The final will decide the winners.
By the beginning of Jam will be announced on this page and via social where the final will take place and where the prizes will be physically delivered.

@kidsgamejam #togetherwewin