Jury 2019

Technical Jury

Andrea Ferraresso

Computer consultant. Author of textbooks on coding and robotics. Trainer. Founder of CoderDojo Fossò-Venezia. President of the Digiveneto Social Promotion Association.

Francesco “Piersoft” Paolicelli

Professor of OpenData and OpenGovernment at LUM – Libera Università Jean Monnet, Italy, Code Week ambassador and member of the OpenGovernment Forum Italy. Champions in several CoderDojo’s Club in Italy. Telegram Platform Developer. Italian OpenData Manager. Project Manager in Fondazione Matera 2019 – European Capital of Culture for “Patrimonio in Gioco”, Coding and Making project with 1600 kids.

Matteo Fortini

Computer Engineer, Scientific Researcher, Linux and embedded environments enthusiast, Kernel hacker, Founder of CoderDojo Cento

Luca Scalzullo

Graduated in Chemical Engineering, assistant researcher at Chemical Engineering Departement at City College of City University of New York and at Chemical Engineering at University of Salerno before, industrial Consultant after, now he’s professor of technology in a Middle School in Nocera Inferiore, Salerno, Italy.

Dario Sera

Computer student at Politecnico di Torino

Since when he was 3 years old, he decided to connect to the alternating current of the home through a widespread 5-pin connector (better known as “hand”), I never stopped touching electricity, electronics and all ‘computer. When he is not in front of a computer pressing buttons on a GNU-Linux machine, it’s probably surrounded by ukulele armed children in the music school where it teaches. It has joined the passion for education and that of computer science.

Martin Dimitrov

Software Engineer at Image-Line Software. Passionate about technology, music, books and education. Champion at CoderDojo Bulgaria.

Massimo Trainito
Graduated in Communication Sciencesin Turin. I approached the computer world for more or less 2 years. Now I study to become a software programmer. I participate in coderdojo and KidsGameJam because I like to see children learn different things, completely new and above all essential for their future.


Simone Poetto

I’ve been a fan of new technologies and information technology since I was a child, especially since the first (very slow) 56k connection came home. After graduating in Physics I went back to studying coding to specialize in the development of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. I really like the idea of helping children to stimulate both logic and creativity, to have fun and to be protagonists in the development of technology and not just passive users.

Kids Jury

Alessandro Danna
Benedetta Vigelini
Andrea Ventre
Matteo Danna
Yoan Yanchev
Carlo Bornese