Jury 2018

Technical Jury

Massimiliano Aiello


Computer, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, Entrepreneur, Business Trainer, Advisor & Mentor, Technical Director ESSE I Solutions, Author of Programmaµ and StartUp College, Founder and “Irresponsible” Manager of SatiroMancino, Founder of CoderDojo Cosenza.

Alessandro Bogliolo
Alessandro Bogliolo

Alessandro Bogliolo is Professor of Computer Systems at the University of Urbino, Italy, EU Code Week ambassador and member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board. In 2016 he has authored a MOOC entitled“Coding in Your Classroom, Now!” the extension of which has become the first Pledge of the New Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

Matteo Fortini

Computer Engineer, Scientific Researcher, Linux and embedded environments enthusiast, Kernel hacker, Founder CoderDojo Cento

Daniel Palmisano

Passionate about technology and software development ever since the gameplay age, has always been the victim of the unstoppable desire to disassemble anything for the thirst to know the underlying mechanism of operation. It comes from the generation of Commodore 64 and 8086-88.

Blurred by the source code philosophy as a human heritage and believe in the goodness of the open source and Linux model.

Dario Sera

Computer student at Politecnico di Torino

Since when he was 3 years old, he decided to connect to the alternating current of the home through a widespread 5-pin connector (better known as “hand”), I never stopped touching electricity, electronics and all ‘computer. When he is not in front of a computer pressing buttons on a GNU-Linux machine, it’s probably surrounded by ukulele armed children in the music school where it teaches. It has joined the passion for education and that of computer science.

Matteo Tempestini


Computer science engineer, born in 1980 in Prato (Italy, Tuscany), married with Claudia, dad of Alberto, Tommaso and Diletta. Actually employed in railway signalling. Appassionate of technology especially of civic technology and civic hacking. Once winner of HackToscana in 2014, has started to divulge civic hacking not as a “nerd” matter but as a culture. The ideas that Matteo try to share with the others is that digital technologies (like opendata and opensource) are instruments to activate a real change in Italy. With this vision he is managing the projects EmergenzePrato, TerremotoCentroItalia, ItaliaAFuoco, Politicamente Corretto.

Marco Vigelini

Named among the best 10 Minecraft educators in the world, Marco joined the Minecraft Global Mentor program and made the most of the potential of the Minecraft videogame to bring children closer to art and culture. For the Museo Novecento he reconstructed the entire City of Florence in Minecraft, while for the Museum “La Triennale” of Milan the children discovered the excellence of Italian design starting from the reproduction of the museum itself. Public speaker in Italy and abroad on Education Technology, he is also Champion of CoderDojo Allumiere where he coordinates and promotes activities for children and teenagers.

Youth Jury

Niccolò Aiello
Giorgia Capalbo
Alessandro Danna
Matteo Danna
Benedetta Vigelini